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Please! Before You Dig Call 811!

A maze of underground pipes, wires, and cables exists under our yards, sidewalks, and streets to bring us our gas, electricity, water, telephone and cable TV. If you are planning to dig to install a fence or plant a tree, etc., you run the risk of hitting one of these lines or cables. This can be very dangerous and costly. Be sure to call Miss Utility at least 48 hours before digging to have these lines marked free of charge. This way you will ensure your safety and at the same time comply with Virginia Law.

Calling 811 is FREE and so is the service!

This one call will get all of your underground utilities marked for you so you know where it is safe to dig - free of charge. Never assume that you do not need to call 811 prior to digging. Damaging a utility can cost you big bucks, and you may also be severely injured.


But shouldn't all those utilities be 36" deep? (The 36" Myth)

Don't assume your utilities are buried 36" deep, and never let a contractor tell you he/she is not going deep enough to worry about hitting anything. On the contrary, most utilities are much shallower than 36" and some may only be as deep as 1 or 2 inches below the surface. Don't take chances, call 811 and have your utilities marked prior to digging - it's the law!


But I'm just grinding up a stump, that's different right? (Wrong!)

We have seen tree roots fully envelope a utility line and then a contractor comes to grind the stump without calling 811 first. This can lead to serious problems. If you are penetrating ground level, you have to call 811 so you know what's below before you start digging.


But I'm digging out in the middle of nowhere. (Don't be fooled!)

Some of the biggest, most dangerous-to-disturb utility lines are found where you least expect them. Behind your house, in the middle of a cow field, or directly under your driveway; they are everywhere. Everything is fine as long as you leave them alone, so be safe and call 811 to find out if you are clear to dig. It's the law!

Do not let anyone dig on your property until you know they have called 811 and had all utilities lines marked.


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